Goldenport celebrated its 20th business anniversary


Goldenport Group celebrated its 20th anniversary in Odessa on January 30th, 2019. Crew members, representatives of partner companies, banks’ representatives and officials as well as experts in International Shipping Industry attended the celebration; the following day management visited the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”.

Mr. Dimitrios Karamaunas, Director and Owner’s Representative in Odessa, opened the ceremony, which was held in the conference hall of Bristol Hotel, welcoming the guests and after a short historical review of the Odessa Company, he invited Captain Paris Dragnis to the stand. Company’s founder and president, was welcomed by the audience with a warm and enthusiastic applause, for the man who had been providing decent jobs for hundreds of Ukrainian seafarers for the past 20 years. Captain Paris shared few emotional words regarding his first visit in Odessa and his trust to Ukrainian seamen. His statement “I am one of you” made everybody in the hall to understand the mentality and philosophy of the company.

Crew manager of Goldenport Shipmanagement Ltd., Mr. Nicholaos Kokkinos took the stand and dedicated most of his speech to the cadet program, having described in detail how young officers work their way up the chain command and how the company motivates them to do so. Goldenport Shipmanagement Ltd., Cadet Program was launched in 2012 with only one cadet onboard. And as Mr. Nicholaos Kokkinos pointed out, today there are over 40 cadets onboard the company’s vessels, and the same number of cadets is ashore for rotation.

Captain Vassilios Leoussis, Crew Manager of Oceangold Tankers Inc., delivered a speech focusing on the work of the company. Oceangold Odessa is the hiring office of Oceangold Tankers Inc, established in 2007 and has been operating in Odessa since 2017. In the next few months the company will take delivery of four new MR2 tankers of 50.000 DWT each, which are constructed in STX Shipyard in South Korea. Additionally another two LR2 tankers (DWT 113.500), which are under construction at DAEHAN Shipyard, in South Korea  will be delivered to Oceangold Tankers Inc., during 2nd quarter of 2019. By the end of the year, company’s fleet will consist of 16 tankers.

After a short brake, Captain Alex Papagiannopoulos, DPA of Goldenport Shipmanagement, took the stand and through analytical diagrams, presented the future of Maritime Industry in respect of crew members, focusing to the upcoming “Low Sulphur Cup of 2020” and the key part of the officers and ratings onboard vessels, as well as how company is preparing itself to be ready for such challenging and drastic changes.

Finally both Crew Managers of Goldenport and Oceangold Odessa Captain Mykola Kovach and Captain Andrey Podobrigora addressed to the attendees. Mr. Dimitrios Karamaunas closed the ceremony with a spectacular video dedicated to Goldenyachts with focus to company’s impressive and luxurious megayacht O’PTASIA, Captain Paris’ latest “child”. Buffet and live music closed the celebration.

Cadets of Goldenport and Oceangold Odessa are mainly cadets of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”. The company’s management is interested in maintaining close official relationship with the Odessa academy. Direct communication with officials, professors and cadets enables to assess skills of future officers and qualifications of their instructors in informal surroundings. Visits to the academy give a chance to see first hand high level of its technical facilities. So it is no surprise that Mr. Vassilios Dragnis and others accepted the invitation of Mikhail Miyusov, Rector of the Odessa Maritime Academy, and visited the academy on the following day after the celebration. Guests were given an impromptu tour of the academy, including a display dedicated to the history of the institution, classrooms, laboratories, training facilities used for practicing theoretical skills.