NAFTOMAR: it is important to perceive each employee as a person


Odessa, which is the main sea gate of Ukraine, was visited by representatives of one of the most important LPG Shipowners in the world, the Greek Company NAFTOMAR SHIPPING & TRADING CO. LTD.

During a two-day/business visit the Crew and Operations Manager/Capt. Jad Ghamraoui and Deputy Crew Manager/Mrs. Mara Karafotia of the Company met with Crew who work on board NAFTOMAR vessels, and also held a seminar for the Cadets in the Odessa Maritime Academy National University.

On February 23 in the restaurant ‘Oblaka Clouds’ reigned a special atmosphere of goodwill and mutual respect. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, a meeting was held between the representatives of NAFTOMAR SHIPPING & TRADING CO. LTD with the Seafarers who have been ashore. The initiations of the event and guests discussed the intricacies of working in the gas fleet, the conditions conducive to establishing communication between seamen and the leadership, the formation of an atmosphere of mutual understanding within the crews.

The Operations and Crew Manager Captain Jad, noted that NAFTOMAR Company offers to seafarers not only high salaries and good working conditions, but also guarantees respect and support. “I am doing large-scale establishing personal contacts with people. This helps build a friendly, trusting atmosphere,” Capt. Jad adding: “I believe that in the marine industry, “live” communication between people is essential. It is very important to perceive each employee not as a faceless “unit” and a cog in the system, but as a person. And we do just that. Capt. Jad Ghamraoui is convinced that team spirit, united actions and focus on the final result are the basis for the effective work of not only the crew, but also the Company as a whole.

During a visit to Odessa, representatives of NAFTOMAR SHIPPING AND TRADING CO. LTD” also met with those who dream of a successful marine career. On February 24th Capt. Jad Ghamraoui held a seminar for the students of the National University of Odessa Maritime Academy. Among the main objectives of the event was the recruitment of Cadets for the Company’s vessels, as well as the provision of jobs and career opportunities for Ukrainian sailors. The agenda of the “One Day LPG/ Carrier Introduction Course” included issues of the features of servicing modern ships for transporting liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and increasing the efficiency of their work, high-quality operation, features of loading and unloading operations and safety on ships of this type.

Active participation in Cadet training program is an example of an effective strategy for training qualified officers. “Our task is to select among the graduates of NU ONMA people with good grades and a high level of English. The completed questionnaire in the application form will not tell you anything about the person, we prefer the format of personal communication with the applicant and are interested in keeping qualified specialists in the fleet of the company. “Capt. Jad emphasizing that 99% of the Cadets selected for work and become officers in the Company’s ships”. By systematically climbing the steps of the career ladder, sailors learn to establish effective interaction between themselves and with management, get acquainted with working conditions and Company policies, grow and develop with it.