«New position – new duties, new possibilities»


Young seaman Anton became new participant of regular column «Promotion». «The Professional Seafarer» interviewed 2nd officer and asked him how he likes the new position.

The Professional Seafarer: Anton, what attracts you in seaman’s work?
Anton: I like my job. It has its own romance, different countries, different people, and different life. Although you can’t always walk through the point of arrival, to talk to someone at the port is pretty interesting as well.

The Professional Seafarer: Why did you decide to become exactly a seaman?
Anton: My father is a seaman as well, he served on Baltic fleet. It wasn’t him, who inspired me to enter Kherson Maritime College. But stories from his life inspired me for this step.

The Professional Seafarer: You’ve been recently promoted to 2nd officer. How long did it take you to achieve it?
Anton: I graduated from Kherson State Maritime Academy 2 years ago. I made 5 contracts in Columbia Shipmanagement during that time, counting cadet’s service. Few months ago I was promoted to 2nd officer that gladdens me a lot. This work is more interesting. I make the route, correct the chart and deal with navigation features. In case of need, I have to replace Chief Officer. The more duties I have, the bigger the demand is.

The Professional Seafarer: How do you enjoy the new position?
Anton: I’ve just signed off. I’d like to note that in spite of my moral readiness for the promotion, I realized the hardship of new position as soon as I stepped on the board. I’ve been promoted three times by different masters during different contracts. Thus I was preparing for new position and knew all my duties. But at the beginning I was ill at ease.

The Professional Seafarer: Do you have any advice which you could give to the seamen? What to do to achieve the success?
Anton: You shouldn’t be lazy and you should love what you do. The rest comes with practice. I, as many other people, failed to avoid some remarks from my senior colleagues on the new position. But I managed to keep myself up and perform my duties as it should be.

The Professional Seafarer: How do you see your future?
Anton: I plan to keep working at the sea, shore doesn’t interest me. My parents and friends wished me to become a master when they heard about my promotion. I hope it’ll become true someday.